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Feature #28This is long overdue. :)
Watercolor Montreal2 by duytter Sad Memories by MasoumehTavakoli The Hatter by CrisestepArt Immortalit by PauloBraga83 High Above the City by AliaChek blue curtain yvette by YvetteStar For you i know I can change the world by Amro0 Best Friends by EstherPuche-Art Bath Candle by MirellaSantana :thumb445384455: Melodies of a Season's change by Miguel-Santos The Surface by Blackpearls91 Colt Single Action Army Revolver drawing by WhizzieWhizzer Private dance by sasha-fantom Sledgehammer by Shedboy68 Spring begins with autumn by m-eralp The Twilight Shore by Aeternum-Art And I need you, why? by pjenz Waiting.. by megan7 Thunderstorm by La--Boheme Tulips Island ~ Daily Feature Award by RazielMB Creeper by Corvinerium Angel of dawn by Katarina-Zirine Winter by igreeny witchking of angmar Tolkien by kARTerina Blue Space by Whendell ANGELS WORLD by AngeliaArt The Majestic Goddess by Wesley-Souza Midnight Fae by BrookeGillette Sidhe by Kuoma Gothic Angel FOR PRINTS by SweediesArt In The Rose Thorn by SeventhFairy Nothing Gold.... by FoolSightBlind There's a World by Joe-Maccer She Dies by Amiltarea Ready for the Sea by Val-Faustino Cleopatra by stellartcorsica Fire In The Sky by maiarcita Russian Nights by TaniaART And You Let Her Go by LUCILALEYLA Girl-On-Fire by EnchantedWhispersArt Cover by Dani-Owergoor ColorSoul by MachiavelliCro Rusalka by Blavatskaya A Dream of Flying by Sisterslaughter165 For Jimmy by Sisterslaughter165 The Ring Three by rsiphotography :thumb

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Submitted on
January 31, 2010


33 (who?)
Every Sunday I feature my favorite art that I’ve found through my watch list and by browsing through dA.  My choices for this week are:

Disturbia II by SAB687 :thumb151879392: Image187 -Lake by Wakoe :thumb152306801: My Pet by GaryckArntzen Beautiful and Blue by mashalevene Evening Minuetto by SomnolentImages To Catch A Golden Bird by Iribel The White Rabbit by Foxfires Guardian by Renilicious :thumb152196958: Dark Angel by snidesniper human tale by JenaDellaGrottaglia Still by lenchob :thumb151029837: .When.The.Day.Is.Done. by sadistikid Scarlet by Aegils Garden of Eden by CindysArt The Bleeding Gun by lady-amarillis :thumb152071227: Light by Venlian BuTTerfLy inside by intano To Pluto's Moon by emilieleger :thumb152007380: At first sight by phoenixgraphixstudio SaviourHang your wings up
for me tonight
and tremble, frail
and pale as winter's skin
within my arms.
Be my stranger,
an undone deed
I can carry like a candle
or a verse
whose words are simple
and let me feel it flame
like a soft bandage on my wounds.
Be my damage,
an unhealed skirmish
so sore that sorrow wanders
like a buried child
and banish me to yesterday
and fill my cup
with all I've ruined.
Hang your wings up
for me tonight
and tumble, silent
and fragile as summer sin
within my arms
and be my savior -
one long last shudder
behind my eyes
where you never thought
to look.
Libra by patriciabrennan Lady Anne by PaintedOnMySoul In Forest by sevengraphs Flare by mashamaklaut Secret GardenI slipped into her secret garden
and felt the warm doze of bees
settle scarlet in begonias
and heard the tulips brush
their lazy petals against air
gone breezy with April
and the taste of sun rambling
so lost and pale across the sky.
I heard leaves breathe slow
taking their time to awaken
and find the trees stretched
and laughing overhead
and smelled wisteria
damp against her cheek,
bringing summer to her skin
like tiny sparrows.
And I watched her hands
break the new earth with prayers
and span the morning
jeweled with dew and roses,
her face blooming rare
and glowing on the grass.
Reaching by SkyesFantasy Hopeless by psdholic Beach Of Dreams by Doumanis :thumb151745564: Cure This Pain by BurakUlker :thumb151696230: fragile by ImaginaryRosse The Changeling by miskis Snow White + Rose Red by Silaynne Eternal Yesterday..
The touch of you still lingers,
deep beneath my skin
Creating visions of your lips
and places they have been
I smile as I remember,
your body next to mine
Longing to explore me,
our hearts and soul entwined
I sigh in adoration,
of whom I loved the most
Yet this is not reality,
For you are just a ghost
I knew you once so long ago
and yet I hunger still
My mind still living that one day;
I guess it always will
For once a heart gives in to love,
so completely will it fall
To take you to euphoria,
where time will seem to stall
I live within my fantasy
and dream of how we were
I see you laying next to me,
not leaving me for her
I know that love is fickle,
but here I stay alone
trapped within my memories,
my heart has turned to stone
Never will I love again,
For all eternity
My mind is living that one day,
when you were close to me
No pity do I need,
No scorn for how I live
Trapped within my yesterday,
Praying to forgive..
The Horn of Trimaris by Bonecarverpm Elven heart by drakonaria 101 Dalmatian by Naera Searching for the one by Healzo apple natural version II by URM Love Story by Geofffffff Echo by Naviretlav
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Thank you so much for featuring my poem "Winter Wonderland" ....:iconhrtplz:
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Thank You So MUCH:hug:
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Thank you so much for featuring my work among them. I appreciate it a lot! :tighthug:
Foxfires Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Oh you sweet thing!! I can't wait to explore the rest of the gorgeous features! Thank you for including me!
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Geofffffff Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2010
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Wakoe Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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